Epoxy coatings offer smooth, resistant, and seamless floors that are aesthetically pleasing with a wide variety of colors, styles, and texture possibilities available. An epoxy coating consists of two components: the resin part and the hardener. The resin component is typically a reactive polymer that contains an epoxide group. This epoxide group cross-links with a compound containing an active hydrogen (i.e. amines, acids, phenols). The final cured product is a thermoplastic film that exhibits good bond strength to concrete, chemical resistance, durability and wear resistance.


MPC-100 is a 2-component, 100% solids, self-leveling and high-build epoxy floor coating. It is designed to be used as a protective floor coating on concrete, over an existing epoxy coating or to create metallic/decorative flooring systems.


MPC-120 is a 2-component, 100% solids, chemical resistant floor coating. It exhibits advanced chemical resistance to a broad range of chemical such as acids, organic solvents and bases.


MPC-125 is a two component, sag resistant structural epoxy designed to repair vertical or horizontal cracks. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, wood, metal and plastics.